Bye Essen 12, Hi Essen 13 !

Now that Essen is gone we are aiming for the next one. "What's your Game?" confirmed that Madeira will be published in 2013! Great news!!!

We had lots of people asking for the game in Essen. We're sorry for not being possible to personally respond to all of the people that searched for the game but somehow we were busy sometimes with meetings, other times just travelling around in geek mode.

For those of you that are supporting us from the beginning, thank you. We very much appreciate all the cheering on this project that hopefully will deliver what we all game lovers want - a terrific game!

All in all and as a result, Essen 12 gave us more dice. That's right guys! For the more sceptics Madeira has now more dice than before! Fingers crossed for lucky Essen 13. And once again, thank you!

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